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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What a Waste

After a couple of weeks of feeding our beeves hay, I realize that regardless of what I do, they are wasting a lot of hay. I mean maybe 30-40% of the bales. These are good pure Tifton 85 bales so I would like to keep from wasting as much as possible. I have tried rolling, moving partial bales, and having them just set on the ground. In no time, the beeves are on the bale, busting it up, and begin to eat, urinating and putting piles of manure on it. Good thing is that they won't touch it once it gets this stuff on it but bad thing is they won't touch it once it gets this stuff on it. The answer, hay rings. This is suppose to limit waste to about 4% so what a money saver. But I don't intend on wasting the manured hay. Always wanting to try something new, I am going to rake it up, manure and all then bale it. I'm hoping this will make a good compost bale that we will be able to bust up in our garden sometime in the future. I have no idea if this will work, just hate to see things like that go to waste.

The Culprits

The Answer

KK is so amazing. Today she asked me to make her a salad for lunch. I guess seeing me eat salads all the time has made her want to try them for herself. I figured after watching her eat, she really liked most of the other stuff that was on the spring mix vs the actual spring mix. However, if she will eat the leafy stuff with some other stuff, she is still eating leafy stuff. It was awesome. Just shows that if your kids see you eating healthy, your habits will eventually become their habits. Can't wait to see what she will do when she is old enough to actually know about making decisions for having a healthier body.

My Little Rabbit

We received a little bit of rain today, maybe .1" of an inch. Just enough to get the ground wet but the temperatures did get more pleasant. Rather than being 70 degrees for the low like yesterday, I think it is suppose to be 45 degrees or so. What a beautiful thing as the front came in. Gods creation is amazing. So amazing it leaves us without excuse. Romans 1:19-20

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Anonymous said...

Jason, I cannot believe the old barn looks so clean. That really was our creepy-crawly, smelly, more-spider-webs-than-we-can-count barn? Hey! What did you do with all the stuff? Didn't we have at least 40 ice chests and a good 25 old doors in there? HA! I'm sure you stashed them some place good. Love the new logo! Aunt D

Hendrick Family said...


Look at that girl eatin' salad. Makes me proud.

Now she and Ashton really can get married and eat salads all the time.