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Monday, January 7, 2008

Layer House Progress

Today I finished cleaning out the new layer house. This was the part that I dreaded most because not only was I going to have to clean it out but I was also going to have to organize the barn. This old building was sort of a catch all of things which makes it difficult to sort. Where do you put all the different little knick knacks, do you need them, and maybe down the road I may need this 2' section of 2x4. I am the worst person in the world to organize things because I myself am the biggest pack rat of all. I honestly will talk myself into keeping something that I might use in 2 years. Forget a bout it. So today the building is cleaned out, ready for me to start getting it ready for chicks. I hate that I will be getting them while its cooler but the sooner I get them the sooner I can be in business producing eggs. Plus, I love chickens and their rolls that they play on a farm, pretty much being the clean up crew of everything.

Finally Clean Barn (As clean as this one will get)


sugarcreekfarm said...

Wow, that's going to make a nice layer house! I'm struggling with how to manage my layers. What we're using now isn't really working for us. I'd like to start some new pullets, there's such a demand for eggs at farmers market, but I don't want to until I get the housing situation figured out.

derrickoliver said...

Dang... that's real clean. I'd sleep there.

Anonymous said...

looks fantastic...your hard work is really, really going to be worht it...but as i really really love what you are doing and it isn't considered hard aat all cause' the love you have for thsi yonderway farm ...and it is a joy to see what great strides you are the new logo website thing...looks great everything PROUD of all ya' momma sandy

Twinville said...

Are those icicle lights hanging from the ceiling??

How festive! hehe

We got our pullets (just a small family flock of 13. Went in half with a friend for 26 chicks) back in October. Can't wait until they start laying.

I'm enjoying your Blog. Discovered it from a comment you placed on Sugar Creek Farm Blog.