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Friday, January 18, 2008

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs

Last night we got 17 more eggs. We have several bantam chickens who lay the smallest eggs ever so I eat them for myself rather than selling them. If I got a dozen eggs and there were some bantam eggs in there I would feel I got ripped. However, to me, they are some of the best eggs to eat. Very rich yolks.

So this week, we got 17,13,12,14,17 eggs. I don't know what has changed but I noticed that several of our chickens have new sets of feathers so they may have been molting. I still have about 15-20 more chickens that should start laying soon so that will be nice until I get my master chicken house up and going. People don't start having chicks to sell until Feb or so.

So needless to say, I have 8 dozen eggs that I can sell this weekend. We will be in College Station for church Sunday morning so if you go to my church and would like me to bring them in, I can. The cost is $3.50 a dozen, but if you bring the carton back to me the next ones after that will be $3.00. These are the most beautiful and tasty eggs you will ever eat and so much more healthy for you than store bought eggs. These are true free-range eggs. Heres a link to see the benefits.

Eggs from pastured poultry are higher in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and vitamin A. Meanwhile, they are lower in total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol. In addition, there is a direct relationship between feed, yolk color, and the nutrient content of the egg. The more orange the yolk, the higher the level of health-enhancing carotenoids. Compared to supermarket eggs, eggs from pastured poultry are a vivid yellow/orange—proof of a richer store of disease-fighting carotenes.

(Bornstein, S. and I. Bartov (1966). "Studies on egg yolk pigmentation. I. A comparison between visual scoring of yolk color and colorimetric assay of yolk carotenoids." Poult Sci 45(2): 287-96.)

Please comment if you would like me to bring them to you in College Station.


sugarcreekfarm said...

I've had to start buying eggs at the store for the first time in 4 years. It about kills me. I need to get rid of these hens and start over. Of course I wouldn't want to lay either when it's twenty below.

You get a good price for them. That's what they should be, they're certainly worth it. Around here I'm the highest priced at $2 a dozen. There are too many with backyard flocks that sell them for a buck just to get rid of them. Then again I've had a number of people that tried those dollar eggs and came back to me because they didn't taste as good as mine, or because they didn't see any chickens out and about like they do here.

Anonymous said...

I am calling 2 dozen! i am so excited!

Kramer said...

Thanks Kayla, you and David Rock.

That leaves 6 dozen to be spoken for.

Anonymous said...

I will have to get around to getting some from you, but it will not be this weekend. Next time we are up there, I will take a few dozen.

Js Dad

Anonymous said... you want me to try to tell you what i think is happening??? poor jason, with me being his mother-in-law what choice does he know i did give you LYNSEY...haircut and all...well, with the weather getting a little colder...them, there roosters and chicks are just snuggling up more ...staying inside more in their know what i mean...just a thought...yep...i'll take 2 doz...unless someone at church needs them on sunday...i can get some thru the week...cause' i think it's going to be alittle cold for awhile and them there roosters will take advantage of that i do believe...good job farmer momma sandy

Garratts said...

I would like 2 dozen.

I am commenting on your blog and I just have to say that I really enjoy reading everything you have to say. It is very educational.

You should teach a class.

Mike would call it Quaker 101. HA HA!