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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Got Gophers

Today was garden day. I had put compost on the garden area a couple of weeks ago and let it burn off most of the vegetation that was on top. So today I began tilling in the compost into the ground when I noticed a dreaded gopher mound. Then several mounds one after another. Last year we were infested or overrun with gophers. There were mounds throughout the yard probably in the hundreds. Well, we tried everything. We smoked them, poisoned them, I even sat for an hour till one stuck his head out the hole and I shot is head off. (I was kinda impressed about that) Then we found these nifty little traps that allowed you to catch them and now you knew you actually had got rid of the critter. I think in total we killed 66 gophers in a period of 2 months. Not a single mound has been in our yard for about a year till today. They are slowly migrating back from the pastures and into the yard so I had to take the offensive. This is the progression of the battle.

The Invasion

Their Underground Tunnels

The Traps (You have to have them anchored or they will drag them off)

The Kill

The Disposer of the Kill (Free dog food)

I have to admit that gopher hunting is not very productive in using your time wisely but it is very fun. I highly recommend that anyone who has never hunted these elusive creatures down should give it a go. I’ve got the fever, and it ain’t for more Cow Bell.

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Anonymous said...

sorry to here about your gophers...but i think you and ole' rowdy have a jump on them this year...hope so anyways'...hope this one goes thru...this is my 3rd or 4th post... can't get any of them to go thru...then on the other hand...since being an "anonymous" maybe "you" have to read and accept those you want...and being this from your mother-in-law..maybe i figured out the problem...but i bet that's not so...still very proud to read all your great hard work you are you anyways' it goes ...momma sandy