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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dreary Day

Today was a pretty dreary day from the get go. I had to go to College Station early this morning to work on our old house. (we are in the process of selling it.) The realtor we have called me the other morning and said that she had someone interested in buying it but she felt it would be beneficial if I did some yard work. I also had to drop off the keys to her. So that was what I did. I didn't get home until around 12:30 this afternoon and then I needed to move the cows to their next pad.

Boy were they excited. There isn't much green grass where I have them now, so I give them high quality hay to eat. The funny thing though is when they see you setting up the next pad, they know its getting close to time to move. So they line up and wait. Then they start talking to you. Mooing back and forth as if to say, "Hurry it up, we want to come over there." They are so happy when you finally open the gate and let them through. They literally kick up their heels and bounce around, running into each other. By no means is it graceful, I think thats the best part of it. To see 800 pound animals trying to be agile.
3 1/2 yr old holding 24,000 lbs of beef at bay

Then the rain really began to pick up and about 14:30, I got to start on the pig area. I worked for about 2 hours in the rain, although it wasn't that bad because most of the fence lines were in the woods. This gave a little protection. So needless to say, it started coming down a good rain so I decided to head back in the house. I'm not complaining though because it has been steady and we need the rain. We'll see what tomorrow holds.


texasmcvays said...

Yes, it is dreary. I've been putting off the mid-winter garden but I'm out of days and have to do it tommorrow or I'll miss my planting window. Parker was very impressed by KK's ability to hold the cows at bay!

Liz said...

I absolutely love watching the heifers run and kick up their feet when you let them into the next paddock! I had no idea that cows were so playful, but it's a great sight to see. It makes me think that we are doing a good job caring for them.


Hendrick Family said...

Hay I am going to play the guitar is that cool or what.I love all of you kramars.Love Anson.