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Monday, January 14, 2008

Pig Progress 1

This morning was a bit chilly when I woke up, around 31 degrees. The cool thing though was that the tank water must have been a bit warmer because there was a huge cloud of steam over it.

Not much happened today except for working on the pig area. I got my posts set and began putting insulators and hot wire on the existing barb wire fence. This is more time consuming than actually building the fence from the start because you are having to try and fill in the gaps as best as you can. Its hard to add extra T-Posts in low or high areas so you have to follow the existing fence. Anyway, I hope that I will be done with the fencing by Wednesday. Then comes running the water lines for their waterers. Great thing though is last night when I went to get the eggs, I had a whopping 17. The most by far we have ever had. Tonight I had 13, so in 2 days I got 30. I'm starting to get a bit so now I might be able to start selling them to pay for their feed. That would be a great feeling.

Existing fence line with new hot wire at bottom

Other half of existing fence line

One of the newly set posts

We just found out Lynsey's grandpa is at the hospital because he began to have severe chest pain this evening. Please lift him up in prayer if you don't mind. His name is L.D. Hill and he is 80 years young. Thank you so much and your prayers are much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Your a great son, but a big egg story teaser! What was the deal with the BIG egg?

Your Dad

The Kramer Family said...

I know, I know! Your request is granted. I'm a slacker. You can go read the rest of the story on our blog!

Anonymous said...

I love bacon..I love ham..grow me a big piggy as fast as you can...feed em' up..fatten em' up..and move them to we can cut them up..and wrap them ccok them in grandma's it...momma sandy

p.s. thanks for the prayers for grandpa'...he is home and having more tests on thursday and seems to be doing better...GOD bless jason for this wonderful blog...luv u lots'