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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Around the Farm 2

Official count 14. (By end of day 15) She got off them for a long time so either she gave up on them or she is trying to build one huge clutch. Who knows.

Here on Yonder Way Farm, we have roll call every morning. It is a very detailed plan of how today will be ran. Notice how attentive they are. In the middle of it some just began to walk away.

While checking on the pigs, I noticed 3 deer eating rye grass in our next pasture. They pretty much go there every morning, now that deer season is over, right in front of my tree stand. I think some times I see a tongue sticking out and hear "Nana, Nana, Boo Boo, You can't shoot me. Always next year.

The cows are enjoying this paddock much better. It is up on the hill so not near as muddy. I am so ready to get them out of these paddocks and onto the rye grass. I keep telling myself, stick to your plan. Its hard though.

Drinking ACV (apple cider vinegar). For a lot of these cows, this is their first round of ACV. I fear that with the wet weather, we may have an abundance of parasites and worms right now so I have decided to keep them on it for a while. To maintain I will continue giving ACV 3 days out of the month, but to get on top of them, I will keep them on it at least a month. We'll see how the performance of the animals inproves.

This is how you get rich orange yolks. I love seeing the chickens pluck the newly formed grasses and slurp them up. It looks like they are eating noodles. Once again, sad to think that the eggs you eat from the store are from chickens that have never enjoyed grass. This is a feather legged chicken that looks like a big robot when it runs at you. They bound with huge strides.

Thats all I have for now. Its raining this morning so we will have to see how the day unfolds. I still can't get in the pastures to put in water lines so it will be something around the garden or barn.


The Kramer Family said...

I love the 'roll call' picture honey! It is very creative. Way to go on that one.

Love you!

farm mom said...

I'm really enjoying all the pics of life on your farm. And I really admire what you and your family are accomplishing! Cannot wait to hear about all your farm adventures this year.

Twinville said...

I loved reading about the "Bored Room" Chickens and the Taunting deer! hehe
You are a good story-teller.

It must be so nice to have all that green grass. We leave in the SW mountains of New Mexico. We have buffalo grass and some tufted grass, but nothing as rich and green as rye or fescue, etc.

And we can't allow our chickens to free-range neither: Too many ground and air predators. We've invested too much money to feed the other free-range critters looking for a free poultry meal.

And we are trying to make their coop an interesting and large enough space so they are happy and healthy.

I do love seeing pictures of free-range hens, though. Hopefully our hens will lay beautiful orange yolked eggs, too.