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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Composting: The More the Smellier

This morning was very cold for Brenham standards. The low was in the mid 20’s or so. I felt like Randy on the Christmas Story when I went outside to let the animals out to begin their day. If the wind would have blown me over, I would have been like him, just rolling on the ground, unable to get up. I love the mornings on the farms because everyone is fresh and ready to start the day.

Frozen water trough:

Pigs keeping warm in the hay:

Goats doing the same:

Dudster playing with Rowdy:

Chickens doing what they do best, working the dirt:

Today I finished getting most of our spring garden areas tilled. After tilling them under, I spread a bunch more compost on them with the hopes that in 2 months things will be ready to go. We have such sandy soil here, especially in our garden areas so we have a lot of our vital nutrients wash out. Our PH tends to be low so the mushroom compost we use, which is has a more alkaline PH, around 8.0, really helps to boost our soil. It is amazing that once you get the PH balanced, (Not Degree), your soils really release a lot of nutrients it tends to store in case of emergencies. Not a science lesson, just wanted to give some pictures of today’s events.

Loading compost:

Manure spreader:

Before 2nd batch of compost:

After compost: This is my lovely helper KK. I love that she comes running out when I am working and wants to help. Never would have thought it in a million years. Although, most the time, she has a Princess dress on over her clothes with a pair of rubber boots on under them. Awesome.

Disclaimer...My wife Lynsey is a professional photographer. All the pictures on The Diary of a Farmer were taken by me Jason Kramer. Even the ones that look like someone took them while I was working, driving a tractor, etc. "Thats how I roll," I jump out of the tractor, snap a picture, then get back in and continue working. My pictures are amateurish so if you want the good looken ones, go to Yonder Way Farm blog or her photography blog. Booyah to the third power.


Sarah Shalley said...

Maybe you should 2nd shoot with Lyns sometime. haha. The pic of the pigs and the goats....pretty dang good. Love this stuff. You're a busy man! Be careful running around those tractors.

ps - little girls IDOLIZE their daddies and will do ANYTHING they can to help them, even the yucky stuff. :)

Garratts said...

Too funny. I was thinking the whole time, Gosh Lyns gets out there and takes all those pictures with him.

I am impressed Jason. You definately have some talent there. Looks like Lyns has rubbed off on you a little.

Hendrick Family said...

Look at this!

I've been painting my kitchen for the past few days, so I haven't known about my brother's wonderful new blog!

So proud of you, Jason!


Twinville said...

No way! If I were you, I'd create a farm calendar to sell and raise money for your farm using photos like that amazing 'pigs in the hay' pic. You captured the light and shadow perfectly!

Great job!

And the garden areas look awesome!