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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rain, Rain, and More Rain

"Better to be ontop of the pig than on bottom."

I know as farmers you are never suppose to complain about the rain so heaven forbid, I won't. In fact I love the rain. It is essential to life and without it, nothing could live. (Like Jesus)

However, I think one thing could be tweeked just a bit. That thing would be that it should rain only in the evenings or at night. This only makes sense. At night, you are already in your house, spending time relaxing and with the family. There is no need to see rain because you can hear it and know when it is happening. Plus, especially in the hotter months, the rain would be able to be absorbed by the ground faster because less evaporation would take place. Usually in summer, it gets hotter after the rain in the day time because the humidity jumps from 100% to 250,000%. By having the rain be moved to nights, this would allow for more productive days and things could actually get done.

My wife would tell you that the main reason God makes it rain during the day is so that farmers will take a day off and just do nothing in the house. Maybe she is right.

It has been a good steady, almost misty rain for the last 3 days and that has really slowed things down. Plus it has been cold. Not cold in up north terms but cold for me. So with all this, the chickens are less active, the pigs sleep all bundled up, the cows look at me and make me feel all mean cause they are miserable looking, and my goats just want to eat. But after today, it is suppose to be stop raining for a bit.

I have about 1/2 day left on the fencing of the new pig pen and then I have to put the water lines in. I am hoping that by Thursday I can move the pigs and let them fully enjoy what nature has to offer them. Updates on that will be soon.


Sarah Shalley said...

What the heck!? How does your forecast get better the rest of the week? Check out big mess. Ewwww. Oh yeah, I've been wondering - what's your fire-fightin' job? I hear about injured firemen all the time since I live here. Fill me in so that I don't have to worry about you. Much love!

Anonymous said...

GOD is letting you slow down and rest up a bit before you start hitting it hard ...HE knows you well and is saying, j-bob rest my hard working servant...your time to start back will come soon enuf...after I get some needed rain momma sandy

Kramer said...

Yea I pretty much doofed that one up. It is suppose to rain the rest of the week. Guess thats what I get for not having the internet for a few days and not keeping up with the weather. I work at Station 15 in the Heights area. I have a really great group of guys I work with so for the most part, we stay safe. Most injuries or deaths happen because fire men think they need to go into every building whether someone is in there or not. Me and my guys feel there is more to life than fighting fires so we tend to be on the more cautious side. So don't worry. Thanks for the concerns and please just remember to pray when you see a fire truck go by. Sometimes we do forget that the call we're on could be our last.