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Friday, January 4, 2008

Day With the Girls

Today our friends had a baby and my wife being a photographer went to capture the whole day. It is awesome what she does. She is so amazing and has such a gift to capture all the precious moments in people’s lives. Since she went to do this, I got to keep my two precious treasures all day. Kaylyn (KK) is almost 4 and Laney Rae will be 10 months this month. Lynsey, my wife, has got these girls schedules so down that it sure makes me be at ease when I get to watch them by myself all day. She truly is an amazing mother as well as a wonderful wife.

It was pretty chilly today so for the most part, we had to stay in the house. However, since we don’t have cable anymore, this allows for interactive time. KK is such a big help and a fun big sister. She plays with Laney Rae and keeps her going. KK is a live wire, never stopping, bouncing off everything, wanting to know everything and how it works. She is getting so big in front of my eyes and it seems just like yesterday she was born. Now she talks in complete sentences, gets her own food and water, and even knows how to crack eggs all by herself. We twirled batons, had two or three tea parties, talked back and forth on pretend cell phones ( we didn’t even have those when I was her age), and cooked Deer Burgers for diner. She is getting too big.

Laney Rae is such an amazing baby. She is so happy and content where ever she is. She plays then gets fussy, then you know its time to eat and boy can she eat. Then when she gets fussy after that, you hold her and when she doesn’t want that anymore, its time to put her to bed. She won’t let you hold her to sleep, she wants her bed. Its funny because now she loves to dance, scooting her booty on the floor. I think she is going to skip crawling because she doesn’t do it, yet now she is pulling herself up and standing. That would be funny if she just up and started walking.

I love these girls and the joy they bring to my life. God is truly amazing in how He can make such beautiful things come from man and wife. Creation is a miracle and I love getting to see it on the farm but more so in my family. I love being a man amongst 3 princess'. We’ll see what my third child will bring.


The Kramer Family said...

You are incredible honey! Not only did you survive the day, you conquered it with a smile. I know our girls had the best day a daddy could give! Thank you for letting me be there for my friend. rock at taking pictures! They look great.

Anonymous said...

glad you had a great day with your preious girl's...KK is at that stage where she just wants help,learn,and always doing is sad to see her being so grown-up...but also a proud moment to see what her little mind already has learned...glad you had a blessed momma sandy

derrickoliver said...

man... you update this blog as much as people who get paid to blog update theirs... that's all.

Twinville said...

YOur comments about your beautiful daughter's touched my heart.
You are truly a wonderful Daddy and husband...and farmer, too.

Wow. God has blessed you deeply. is the 3rd child 'in the works' hehe