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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Kid On the Block

Yesterday was a great day on the farm. We had two chickens that hatched two batches of eggs. All in all, we got 18 new chicks. Then while doing the morning rounds, I noticed that Thelma, one of the brown pygmy goats, was off by herself in their old pen. They never go in there by themselves so that seemed kinda strange that she was even in there.

Well later in the day around lunch, I went back out to feed the animals when I noticed her in there again but this time she was in her little house. I got to thinking that she was due anytime so I went to go check on her. Sure enough, there was BIB. The cutest little kid I have ever seen.

Today was her first day to really get about. Its crazy that they come out walking right away for the most part. She keeps her near the barn for the most part, but I had to get the pigs out of there. I was worried that they might accidentally step on the little girl, or even worse, nip her or something. Pigs do like meat and all although we have never fed ours meat. I think that is why we haven't lost any chickens to them yet.

Louise the other brown goat is due anytime. Her bag is full and she looks like she is getting very uncomfortable. Hopefully in the next couple of days, we will get our second kid, or kids.

This morning was the big morning for our laying chicks. The post office called at 06:00 and said they had a bunch of chicks in there. So off I went to pick them up. I stayed up till midnight last night getting the final touches of their house done. I was concerned about it being too drafty, so I made a border around where they were going to be. I hope it works. It looks like something off of ET.

We got 300. 100 Black Australorps, 100 Rhode Island Reds, and 100 Americanas. All 300 arrived alive, but within 30 minutes, one looked sick. So I separated it and put it in a small brooder. It died shortly after. So now we are down to 299. As of 9:00 pm, no more casualties. They seem to be doing good up to this point. These are going to be our 100% organically fed, free range layers. It is amazing the difference in the look of the feed in the organic grains vs. commercial grain. I don't know if it has anything to do with it being non-genetically modified.

I have 4 chickens on the outside of the brooder border, they know how to take care of those babies so much better than us. They just walk around the outside, with their chicks following. I think I have about 36 chicks with them. I still have one hen setting so in 10 days, she should be hatching. I love spring.