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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pics Part 1:

Here are some pics of around the farm. I'm addicted to having a camera on me now. I feel like I need to let everyone see what I am seeing.

Dudley Sleeping

Ah Chicken Scratch

Big Boy

Digging to China

Still Digging

Looking For Food

Looky What I found

Fence Line


Connie said...


Levi (my husband), is so jealous of your farm. He wants a compost pile so bad and wanted to put one on our back porch. We live in a apartment. He's nuts. He's not a blog reader but I knew he would be interested in your blog more than he is mine so I forwarded him the link. He wants to comment but is a little blog shy so I'll have to create an account for him. We are really impressed with what you guys are doing.....hopefully we can buy some of your good healthy stuff someday. Keep up the good work! Y'all are doing great!

Tim said...

What a great looking farm! And, boy, those pigs sure love to root and dig, don't they? They must love that natural environment.

I look forward to reading more.

Nature's Harmony Farm

Twinville said...

Love the pics, especially the dramatic fenceline photo.

That rooster is one handsome boy!

How nice that all those chickens laid their eggs in one nest,too.