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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pig Progress 3

Dudley finally fitting in

Today, despite the mud, cold, misty rain, and everything being plum wet, I finished the pig pasture fencing. Boy is that a huge check off my list. Not only that, when I tested the wires, everything was at max voltage, 10,000+. Now I know that pigs don't need near this much to make them obey but it isn't them I am worried about. There are several dogs in our pasture by where my pigs are due in part that our south boundary line is a county road. One of these dogs, as nice as he may be, looks like a micro horse. He is huge and my daughter named him "Beast." No lie, he has to weigh at least 140 pounds. Not only that, but we have coyotes that I feel frequent the place at night so I didn't want there to be a chance that one may get in and hurt my feeder pigs. So instead of initially going with a 3 strand perimeter wire, I went ahead and added a 4th. Now I feel fully confident that it will do the trick. Here is the fence and all its dimensions. I have no idea how much acreage it is but I would say maybe 8?.

South 405'

Northwesterly 345'

Southwesterly 200'

Southeasterly 485' (Rowdy couldn't get in, check)

West 270' (Rowdy couldn't get out, check)

North 845'

Still going North

East 450'

15' Dogleg South, then East 210' to beginning

It is still raining. Not hard almost a constant mist. Things are so saturated that it is hard getting around the pasture on the tractor. I finished the fencing around 13:00 and went to subsoil my first rip for putting in my water lines. That didn't work though because as I drove I began to bury myself in the mud. Good thing for 4 wheel drive. If not, the tractor would still be there. So, that being said, the water lines won't be in by Thursday. I just hope it will dry up before first part of next week.


Tim said...


Wow! Those fences look did a terrific job!

Nature's Harmony Farm

Anonymous said...

gee still got out and worked. worked, worked...even with all the r rain...can't keep a true farmer from working from dawn to dusk..rain or shine...thank goodness for the mud...lookin good can't wait to see what you decide to do a new barn...ha-ha- love momma sandy

Aldape family said...

Hey J Bob
You are such a devoted farmer your animals sure are lucky..and so are Lyns and your girls! I have one question what does the 345' stuff mean, like' what' does' it' mean'???Because if it is something that is suppose to make me look smart then i will use it after all of my words...okay well as I am writing this Daivd answered my means feet!! DUH!! Okay well anyhow Great Work!
PS still working on my post!

Aldape family said...

HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAY!!!! Okay maybe not save the day but... I'm here and I'm posting a comment to say I got chyo' back brother. And while I may not be the most savy of the bloggers, I will pledge to try my best, to almost always, when I remember to comment on your blog. I can assure you I will read your blog so that I can see the fun I'm missing out on. For real though, everything looks great, can't wait to get the official tour the next time were out there, which hopefully will be soon, I think I'm haveing "farming withdrawls" if its such a thing,and keep up the good work.(on the farm and on the blog).