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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hide & Seek

Well for the last week or so I had been noticing that eggs were missing out of the barn nesting boxes. I usually get around 4 in there and for a while I was getting 1-2. Didn't understand it. I looked everywhere. In every box I could find, anywhere with hay, under the trailers, in the bushes. Couldn't find any eggs out of place. Well I did notice a couple of times that a chicken would come out of the new layer house I had cleaned out. So I looked everywhere I thought a chicken may lay. (There aren't many places to lay in a cleaned out building.) Except for one place apparently. Today while going out to feed, I heard a noise and low and behold, a chicken flew up onto the rafters. Then she went up onto this flat area that is the roof of a smaller room at the front of the layer house. Wha la. There she had made the cutest nest with at least 12 eggs in it. She was in such a broody mood that I couldn't get her off to count accurately. So what a pleasant surprise. I have no idea how long she has been setting so only she and the Lord know when these will hatch. I put her food and water up there so that she won't have to go far to leave them. Good thing is its a pretty big area up there so she can stay up there for a while after they hatch to bring them down. I love births.

Then while in the barn, I noticed one of our barn kittens was hiding in a feed pan. I kept waiting for him to say Peeka Boo but he didn't. So I just took his picture instead. We have 4 true barn kittens if anyone is interested. Would be great outside cats. They already are hunting everything.

Dudley rooting

I know I put a bunch of pictures of our pigs but they truly are the life of the farm. It saddens me to think that commercially raised, and confinement pigs never touch a blade of grass in their entire lifetime. It makes me happy to know that these animals get to be in there natural environment, eating natural diets, fulfilling their purpose; to be eaten but having a great life getting to that point.
Who needs a plow?

Are you my mamma?

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Still waiting for the pastures to dry up in order to finish installing the water lines for the pig pasture. Chance of rain tomorrow so who knows. Won't complain though.


Anonymous said...


That poor chicken... had to go and run a covert egg laying operation just to get to sit on her eggs.....

They should start a Farmer show... Are you smarter than a grade A organic chicken? It could be hosted by Loft Farmworthy.


homemoma said...

cant see any of the pics on the last post :(

Anonymous said...

ok...there u go j-bob...lesson learned today maybe...we all need to be looking "UP" more and maybe it wouldn't had been so hard to find them' ther' reckon?? that's how HE does me most of times i can't figure out TURN YOUR EYES UPON JESUS...and HE will show us HIS ways... luv momma sandy...p.s. for some reason i didn't have any of your great pics...

Kramer said...


That is too funny. Loft Farmworthy. Hate that I haven't seen yall in so long. Hopefully some time soon we can get together.

I don't know about the pics. I just checked everything and they showed up on my computer. I had a post a couple of days ago that wouldn't show pictures so I went back in and added them back. Please tell me if this continues on others computers.


Anonymous said...

Can't see the last pics either.


Tim said...

Tag, Jason, you're it! Go to the Nature's Harmony blog for details .

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