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Friday, March 28, 2008


As of right now, #707 is back in the pasture. We were coming back from Round Top when I got the call about 6:00 pm. We were about 30 min from the house so I had to book it to get home, changed, hook the trailer up, and get down the road, before it got dark.

I was amazed that they caught that cow in only a day. Boy was she still crazy. He said he would just take her straight to the sale barn if it were him. I figured I will give her one more chance. She is very pretty.

So we got her loaded up and I brought her home. I backed her into the pasture where all the other cows were and opened the door. Out she went into the herd. I thought score......point for Yonder Way.... but then she took off toward the back of the pasture. Still in the same fence but trotting like a horse. I thought for sure she was going to jump out again. But she didn't. She came back and got in the middle of the herd. Hopefully tonight and tomorrow, she will calm down and settle in.

I have to work in Houston tomorrow so prayerfully she will be ok and Lynsey won't have to do anything major. If so, I might be coming back home. That is one of the perks of being a Fire Fighter, we all tend to help each other out.


The Kramer Family said...

Yep. Folks, he literally gave me the touchdown referee hand signal from a distance as he let Rogue (I'm now calling her....isn't that an X Men or something??) back in with the others.

It was pretty precious. I couldn't leave that part of the story out, now could I?

We are breathing a bit easier around here now that the 'other' cow is here.

Love ya honey!

Kramer said...

I always thought you were awesome but I really think you are way awesome knowing that Rogue was an X-Men. Your the best. Glad your mine.

Ethan Book said...

Sounds like you have a wild one on your hands, but I'm glad you got her back home! Of course our Dexters are a bit smaller than your Brangus, but our first heifer was a little wild also. We never would have thought that a short legged 18 month old would be jumping fences, but that's about all she did!

We were lucky though, because she really never took off. Usually she would just go graze somewhere else. Oh, and we found out that her previous owner had given her grain ... so, a little shake of the bucket got her running back to us when we decided it was time to put her away. The good news is that she has since cooled down ... continuing to cross fingers ...

Steven said...

I'm about to have some water lines put in. down the middle of a pasture that is aprox. 860' x 400' I'll have a semi permanent fence straight down the middle and the lines will be up against it with Quick connects underground for hooking up our trough's hose. I'm starting with 6 head of cattle (Dexters) and will do MIG but can't for the life of me decide how close to put the quick connect hook ups, nor how long of a hose to plan on using.

Have any advice??


Steven said...
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