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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Goats, at it again!!!!

Well, I thought I had these little boogers contained, but boy was I fooled. They cooperated for a while, leading me to feel like I was in control. Then they all at once decided to show me that at any moment, they could have gotten out. And boy did they ever.

Not only did they escape, they began destroying the chicken wire that had kept them in for so long. They would stick their horns in the mesh and begin to jerk making bigger holes in it. Then they would stick their heads through and push their way through until there was this perfect hole about 10" in diameter. So day after day, I would round them up (more like chase them around) and repair the holes, wiring them back together. They would stay in for a bit, then do it again. Finally, I gave in.

The whole reason I can't stand them being out roaming where they want to go is the chicken feed. These four would sit and run the chickens off and literally eat a couple pounds of food twice a day. This is not very cost effective. Plus, they use to try and eat the pig food. Well, I quickly devised a plan to foil their efforts. At least for the chickens, the pigs are big enough to handle their own battles.

With two stock panels, their appetites would have to be filled with grass and other browsey things because, "No chicken food for them!!!"

Now the goats can be the free spirits that they so long to be. They are so cute, roaming in their little group all around our central area. When they get real excited, they bounce instead of run, kinda like the skunk on Bugs Bunny. (Pepe Le Pugh) sp?

However, they have really been doing some really funny things lately. I knew they had some funny personalities, but this has taken it to a new level.

Yesterday, I go out to the barn in the morning, and Billy is standing on the cows back. This cow is separate because he is not doing so well right now. But in an effort to help him out, Billy decided to get on his back and scratch it. Yep, he stands on his back and paws at his back. The cow loves it. Then, the cow would stand up and Billy would face him. Billy would put his horns under the cows neck, and go to town, scratching the underside of his neck. And who said animals couldn't communicate.

And today, I was doing my morning routine when I notice Billy staring up at the bottom of the chicken coop. I could see stuff falling from the floor to the ground, but I figured maybe the cat had gotten in there. Boy was I surprised. Inside, no other than Anna Belle. As you can tell, she is back to her mischief. I have to admit though it was very cute. She is really doing great after losing her kid a few weeks ago.

I have chickens setting everywhere. If they are setting when I go to collect eggs, I usually get the eggs out from under them each time. If they continue to try and set after several days of doing this, I will put about 14 eggs under them and let them go at it. Currently, I have three setting on about 42 eggs total. Who knows how many will hatch. I have two bantam hens setting on eggs but they set in the same box. I don't know how many eggs are under them, but it is a bunch. They are suppose to hatch next Monday. We'll see.

The cows are doing great in their rotation. Our native spring grasses are coming in great. The cows really enjoy all the tender weeds and wild flowers right now. If you make your cows eat these things, they really will eat them and enjoy them. At least they look like they do. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be putting out our warm season seed, Texas Tough, and Crabgrass. I can't wait to see how they do. Rain baby Rain.

Our 300 chicks that were suppose to come in the morning have been delayed. I was so aggravated. Their house is fully set up and ready to go and then I get the dreaded phone call. They were going to be short 27 Americanaus so I could either be short those and get the order tomorrow or wait till next week and get them all. So I chose the latter. I love the green and blue eggs and so do our customers so I want to have them available.

Thats it for now but a lot has happened this week so I will have lots to write about. Peace out from Yonder Way


The Kramer Family said...

You are stinkin' adorable and awesome. I love you more than a cow loves a back scratch from a goat. Or more than a goat loves a hen house. That's a lot!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Great post as always Son. Look forward to seeing you all next week at Laney's B/day.

Sea2Shore said...

There is never a dull moment with those goats! We can't wait to raise ours. Your blog has been a great mentor to what we are looking to do in the future. Have a great day.

Sarah Shalley said...

Great stories! As usual, I love to hear what's going on with your family and farm.


Joanie said...

Great to see a 'glimpse' of spring happenings on your farm! It's a joy to see you so blessed and the farm animals keeping you 'on your toes'...

Keep sharing, as this city girl really loves hearing about your family's farm life!

Many blessings ~ Joanie

buzzsaw said...

Famer Jason,

About that you fertilize AT ALL, or does it just come up by itself all green and pretty like after you put the seed down in Spring?