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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Awe Man....

....Annabelle is the goat on the right side....

Today was extremely sad for us out here on the farm. We've been anticipating the birth of our first kid (baby goat) for a while now.

We thought that last week Annabelle, the momma goat, was ready to deliver. I was so sure that I sent KK running to the house to get her momma and her camera. Lynsey came running out of the house and we were all sure we were about to witness a goat deliver her first baby. We waited, and waited, and waited......nothing.

So time went by- four days to be exact. These four days have included many trips to the goat pen to check on her progress.

I worked in Houston yesterday at the Fire Dept. When I get home in the mornings from my shift, I make the rounds on the farm to check on all of the animals. I went over to the goat pen and noticed that Annabelle looked littler. But, I didn't see a baby goat walking around anywhere.

As I approached their shed I built for them to lay under, I saw the baby goat laying there on the ground in the hay lifeless. My heart sunk. I felt so bad for the baby and Annabelle. The worst part about being a farmer is seeing things like this happen. I know it is inevitable on a farm where there is so much life, because where there is life death is also a reality.

The momma seems to be doing alright. She has been crying for the most part of the day. I think she is looking for her baby.

I don't know exactly what went wrong. I think the baby goat was stillborn. When I found it, the goat still had afterbirth all over it and looked as if it hadn't even moved.

Man, this was a rough day. But, I learn and grow each time something like this happens because I dread it happening again. We were so excited and had been looking forward for this day to come for a long time.

KK asked me today at lunch time if Annabelle had had her baby yet. I told her that she did, but the baby didn't make it.

"Awe man, I wanted to hold it," she exclaimed cupping her hands together. That made my heart sink even more.

We have 3 female goats and 1 male. The other two females appear to be pregnant as well. So, hopefully we will get to experience another kid being born soon. We already have a name picked out for the little one......"Bib." Bib means- Born in Brenham. It seems to be a theme around this town. You are either a 'bib' or a 'bob', which means born out of Brenham.


HisPrincess said...

It's tough isn't it. And it doesn't get any easier. Any time I see a still born lamb, or one who has been taken by foxes it tugs on my heart strings.

I geuss that's why we have so many pet sheep driving us crazy! Can't bear to see an orphaned lamb!


hillbilly2be said...
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Bradley Barnyard Beginnings said...

Sorry for the loss of the baby. That would be tough. We just got our first two goats for our daughters, and we are all already in love with them. I hope the other goats deliver safe and sound. God Bless

QuiltedSimple said...

Oh how sad!!! Hopefully your next 2 will have better luck. It's always depressing (animal in any form or human) when things go wrong.


Hendrick Family said...

Oh how sad! I'm sorry you had such a rough day. Life is so precious, no matter whose it is.


Tim said...

We know how you feel. It's always tough. We've lost one pig and 19 chickens in the last month. But, as I tell my wife, we have 380 chickens, 20 cows and 15 pigs doing great! And we had a new calf yesterday.

The thing that you're doing, like us, is emulating nature. Nature sorts out those that can survive from those that can't. Doesn't make it less sad, but does put it in perspective.

Keep your chin up and keep on plugging.

Nature's Harmony Farm

Joanie said...

Hi Jason ~

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I have visited yours and Lynsey's blog often, but have been so content and blessed just reading them ~ and haven't thought to leave a comment.

I tend to spend more time reading (and rereading) your blog, as it blesses my heart's desire - to farm - and to be a steward of the land as you are doing... It would be lovely if the physical distance was closer and I could actually visit (but Washington and Texas are a few miles apart). It's a JOY to watch you and your family grow and learn together. God has blessed you abundantly and I pray He causes your farm and family to bear much fruit and continue to be a light and blessing to those in your community and the world. He is so good. I give Him thanks and praise for how He is leading you and your family each day. And "thank you" for blessing me.

I, too, am saddened at loss of this little baby. I can only imagine how I would feel (if I was dealing with the situation) and to not be able to comfort a 'crying' mama would tug at my heart. I pray the Lord blesses you with healthy farm babies!

I'll be back again (and again)... Joanie