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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Still No Internet

Well since we got back from the conference, our internet comes in and out. Mostly out though. We now have not had it for 5 straight days. This is not good if you are trying to do a blog, hence the reason I have not updated for over a week. However, tomorrow they are suppose to come and hopefully fix it for good. Who knows though, they have tried that before. So for now, I can't add pictures since I am having to type this at work. The conference was great though. My wife got to go with me and we both learned so much. She writes much better than me, and she wrote a great summary of what we heard. Here is a link to our family website where it is located. I got a lot of new ideas that I am working on and it has finally quit raining enough to do some work. I will update this week hopefully, internet pending.

1 comment:

Ethan Book said...

Jason, I'm missing your blogging. You are going to have a lot of catching up to do when you make it back on the internet!

Hope all is well with the family and farm.