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Monday, February 25, 2008

Around the Farm 2

The pigs are all finally in their new pasture. There has been some serious squelling with them testing out the fence and their boundaries. I actually had one that got shocked, went through the fence, then didn't know what to do so he came back in. Worked out pretty good. This is some more pictues of them in their new home. They finally got the nerve to go into the woods, which now I can't get them to ever come out.

I decided to build them a covered shelter for when it rains and just in case we get another little cold spell. I think we will probably be in the clear, but in this part of Texas, sometimes you get a late freeze before April 1st. Who knows. At least if they want to they can go under it. Makes me feel better I guess.

I went to check the chicken that was setting on the eggs. Well, if you read previous posts, there originally ended up being 16 eggs. She is a new layer, and I really don't think she knew what to do with them. So she went off and hid, laying all her eggs here. This is fine, but she didn't want to set on them. So now these 16 eggs were here and no one to hatch them. I decided to put them in plain site of all the chickens hoping that someone would pick up her slack and set. No one. There was just way too many eggs. I think they were a little intimidated. So I fed them to the pigs. They loved them.

Well, the next week I could find her and lo and behold, she was back up in the same spot. This time, she was broody and I knew she decided that this time, her eggs wouldn't be taken. So now she decided to set. Finally I caught her out eating and I was able to do an egg count. Five. A bit easier for a first time setter. Today I noticed some chirping and there they were. At least 2 that I could see. We'll see tomorrow. I put some chick starter and water up there so she can show them the ropes.

Then while building the pig shelter, I noticed that one of my favorite bantam hens was sneaking around in the barn. Then all of a sudden, she bypassed the normal laying box and snuck around the back of one I have in storage. So I see her go in and inside is 10 eggs. So today she decided to set. In 21 days we'll see how many we get. I love bantams. They are so motherly. I probably could have gave her the original 16 eggs and she would have tried to set on them. Her whole body would have been off the ground. Just a bunch of eggs under her.


Liz said...

How exciting!! Your daughter must love those little chicks!

Anonymous said...

oh boy!!!pigs..pigs..pigs..chicks..chicks...and bantams?? all sounds finger lickin' good to eat to me..and also the eggs RRrrr GREAT!! anyone reading this.. and can hook up with j-bob to buy his eggs you better get u some while his chickens r a laying real good...keep up the good work farmer momma sandy

texasmcvays said...

Okay, I love your blog. So that's what a pig house looks like. I can probably build that nearly myself! We have a watery area in the front. But we were thinking of using barbed wire fence and barbed wire buried in the ground. We've got all of these acorns to finish our pigs with!