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Friday, February 22, 2008

New Pigs

Now that I have the new pig pasture complete, the 8 door feeder in the pasture, and 3 feeder pigs currently, I figured I should go ahead and get 5 more heads for the remaining 5 doors. The Pig Man, thats what I call him, called me last week and said that he would have some ready end of this week. So today was the day. I am hoping that this is the last few I have to purchase from him because now, both my breeder pigs are indeed pregnant, so we will have our own litters in the coming month. More on that.

In this litter, I thought I would try a couple of different breeds this time just to see how they fair. I got 3 Yorkshires, 1 Hampshire/Yorkshire cross (that is what we will be having in our litters), and a Duroc. I really like the Duroc's. So now, I have 8 feeder pigs, 2 Breeders, and a big Stud named Dudley.

It always fascinates me seeing pigs that would have been in confinement getting to be free and raised the way nature intended them. To see them come out and touch dirt for the first time, and start trying their noses, and nipping at all the different vegetation. Its quite sad to think that the pigs most eat in a grocery store never get to experience this. They live in concrete boxes, with hard floors, that when their feed gets on the ground, it cuts into their skin because it is so coarse. Once you get pigs on your farm, you will realize that they are the life of it. They love doing what they do best, tearing the ground up. But when you walk out there, they stop what they are doing and run as fast as their funny bodies will take them and then fall over in front of you for some petting. They are very emotional animals who in confinement, continually stay depressed. Very sad.

This guy wouldn't quit rubbing his body in the soft dirt.

In the newly sprouting rescue grass. Probably feels like carpet

Look what I found to play with.

While at the TOFGA conference, I found a feed mill that sells only 100% certified organic feed. It is called Coyote Creek Farms. They specialize in chicken feed but I got to thinking that pigs eat pretty much the same things are chickens. So I asked the lady, named Sue, if they would be interested in doing this. She was very excited and called a nutritionist and got a recommendation. The even better part, is that the mill is only 75 miles from our farm. Can't beat that. Now the feed is way higher than if you were to buy normal feed but the benefits are well worth it. No GMO products in this stuff, Redmond Natural Trace mineral is used, no chemicals of any sort in the grain. They milled it for me the morning I went to pick it up. It was so yellow and fresh smelling. Probably could make some great cornbread with it. Maybe. No we aren't looking to get certified organic, but we always want to be feeding our animals the best products that are out there.

This is 1000# of pig feed. It smells so good.

Needless to say, I will be getting a price list together for our products because pretty soon we will be in the product selling business. It takes time to build things up so that you can be able to produce over a sustainable amount of time. With such a huge demand for pastured pork, non the less, pastured pork fed only organic grain, I feel these things will get reserved quite fast.


Aldape family said...

Hey J Bob!! Sorry we have been slacking on the comments! I love the new little pigs, they are pretty! We had such a great time on the farm last weekend. We did not want to come back home to our "city life!" How neat it must be to get to experience the land and resources that the Lord gave us! Can't wait to start eating some of this great stuff
Love y'all

karl said...

holy moly, i wish coyotecreek was just down the road from me. btw during the summer we feed our chickens pig feed. the lower protein keeps them foraging for it--we have lots of organic insects here.

farm mom said...

Oh, I wish I lived nearby, we'd be a big customer of yours! Love the pics...ohh how I miss the color green!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jason, i have been reading your blog for awhile now and I really enjoy it. I really enjoy pigs and I also like the hampshire and yorkshire breeds. I raised them about 10 years or so ago. I'm thinking about getting a couple to feed my family. I think nothing is cuter than a baby pig and my wife and boys have never seen one. I just wanted to say that beginning farmers like you and the beginning farmer and natures harmony really inspire me. I grew up on a farm and have been farming on and off for most of my 31 years. We recently puchased 8 guineas for bug control this summer and 5 geese and 2 ducks for our pond. I have also orded 50 chicks. So I guess I'm farming again. Thanks allot for the inspiration.
Darrell Adkins

Kramer said...

Thanks Kayla and David. It is amazing seeing how amazing the Lord's creation is. Yesterday 84, tonight 32.

Karl- I will have to try that this summer. This new organic feed is pricey but good.

Farm mom- I wish you lived here too. I would keep you hooked up.

Darrell- Pigs are great. I love the Yorkshire and Hampshire breeds but I am sure that others feel the same about other breeds. They suit me good though. Stick with it. Farming is a dying skill. Not commodity growing, but true sustainable farming. Not only will it benefit you, but also so many other families that come in contact with you and buy into your products. Thanks for reading. Sometimes I feel like its pretty much the same thing over and over.

Sarah Shalley said...

Hey Jason - I'm trying to show Dad the pics of the new piggies and the images aren't showing up. Maybe its just my computer? We've been sitting here laughing, reading both yours and lyns' blogs. Love you Kramers!

Kramer said...

Thanks Sarah, I don't know why it sometimes throws the pictures out. It should work now. Thanks for reading about our simple lives.

Sarah Shalley said...

oh yeah, i want some pork too. yum! these look good. we loooove piggies.